About us

Meet Welfare Foundation (MWF) established in the year 2007 is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) formed intending to open up the world to people with visual disabilities. MWF is currently actively involved in providing essential building blocks and social opportunities for children with visual impairment. In addition, MWF also vigorously works with various governmental departments to build accessible infrastructure essential for the visually impaired and also for people with other physical disabilities.

We are currently registered with Niti Ayog (NGO Darpan), Income tax department under 12A 80G and CSR.

What we do

Publication of Braille Literature:

Meet Welfare Foundation has undertaken an admirable endeavor of publishing hundreds of books in Hindi and Urdu literature, transcribed into Braille script. This initiative promotes literacy, education, and cultural enrichment among visually impaired individuals, enabling them to access a vast repository of literary works.

Accessible Healthcare: Inclusive Initiatives

The foundation actively works on projects to enhance accessibility for visually impaired individuals. Notably, Meet Welfare Foundation has initiated the construction of ramps in hospitals, ensuring easy access for people with disabilities. These ramps promote inclusivity and remove physical barriers in healthcare settings.

Braille Smart Cards for Metro Rail:

To facilitate seamless and independent travel for visually impaired commuters, Meet Welfare Foundation has developed innovative Braille-enabled smart cards for metro rail systems. These cards empower visually impaired individuals to navigate the metro system confidently and enjoy the benefits of public transportation.

Currency Note Identifier:

Recognizing the challenges faced by visually impaired individuals in identifying different currency denominations, Meet Welfare Foundation has created a currency note identifier. This device assists visually impaired individuals in accurately recognizing and managing their currency notes, promoting financial independence and confidence.

Medicine Pouches and Other Initiatives:

Meet Welfare Foundation acknowledges the unique healthcare needs of visually impaired individuals. The foundation has taken initiatives such as creating medicine pouches with Braille labels, ensuring safe and convenient medication management. These endeavors aim to improve healthcare accessibility and promote the overall well-being of visually impaired individuals.

Great to see you here! Join our community and…

Great to see you here! Join our community and be a part of our mission to empower blind children. Together, we can create positive change and meaningful opportunities.

Make A Donation

Your support fuels our mission to empower blind children with education and opportunities. Join us in creating a brighter future together.

Become A Volunteer

Make a direct impact on the lives of blind children in Lucknow. Join our dedicated team and help create a more inclusive world through education and support.

Sponsor a Book

Ignite the joy of learning for visually impaired children by sponsoring a Braille book. Your contribution opens doors to knowledge, imagination, and a brighter future.

Media outlets from around the world have featured our work, sharing our impact on a wider stage.

Our work has gained global attention as media outlets worldwide have spotlighted our initiatives. By featuring our impact, they’re helping us reach a larger audience and make a difference on a broader scale.

Who are we?

Meet Welfare Foundation, located in Lucknow, is dedicated to empowering visually impaired children. We focus on accessibility, education, and advocacy to create a more inclusive society. With a passionate team and innovative projects, we’re committed to helping these children reach their potential and lead fulfilling lives. Our mission is to make a lasting impact on their journey of growth and development.

How we are helping ?

We are making a difference by providing accessible education and resources for visually impaired children. Our innovative projects include creating Braille materials, advocating for inclusive infrastructure, and fostering a supportive community. Through collaboration, dedication, and a commitment to empowerment, we’re transforming the lives of these children one step at a time. Our efforts aim to break down barriers, enhance opportunities, and inspire a brighter future.

What people says about us

Read stories of change directly from those we’ve helped. Our success stories showcase the real impact of our initiatives on the lives of visually impaired individuals.

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